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Top 10 Timeless Classic Fashion Items-Must-Have For Every Woman

Do you have some accessories that never go out of style in you wardrobe? If you want to shape yourself a stylista, you must invest on those high-quality timeless classic items. Do not following blindly any more! This article is going to unveil top 10 classic fashion items for you reference. If you feel they are too expensive to afford, then make them your goal and fight for them!

NO.1 Hermes Birkin Bag

If Knock out of the sky-high price-4000 pounds/unit and the minimum 8 -month waiting turn (In face, if you are not a top-class VIP, normally you have to wait 2-4 years to get a single item), Hermes Birkin bags could be the must-have item in every woman's wardrobe. Are you question its charm? Watch the Sex and the City or Gossip Girls and then check the endless waiting list which includes celebrities from all walks of life: Kate Moss,Katie Holmes,Lindsay Lohan,Victoria Beckham, in a word, you name it, you can find it! The long wait list, well, makes the supreme status of Birkin bags more indestructible.

Jane Birkin, the designer of Birkin bags, would never have expected that her beautiful creation would be far better known than herself. Her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg was asked that was her the daughter of Birkin bag on a trip to America. Well, such legend aside, a classic Birkin bag, if you are lucky to have one, is enough to be handed down for one generation to another.

No.2 Chanel 2.55 handbag

On Feb.2, 1955, Coco Chanel first launched the Chanel 2.55 was said that there was a secret behind this elegant works. When Gabrielle Chanel was a little girl, her mother passed away and her father abandoned her later. Suffering the great sorrow and pain, Chanel grew up a skilled tailor in a monastery. Her design style was said to be greatly influenced by the days in cloister :

The lining color of Chanel 2.55 was based on her uniform; the check pattern seemed to represent the window screen of the cloister; the distinctive double-chain design was originated from the key chain hanging on the wrist of the cloister gatekeeper; Reportedly, the inter-layer zip was design for keeping the lover letters from/to the Nazi spy Hans Gunther von Dincklage. As Coco Chanel never married, the design was called Virgin Lock.

What a chilly story! It is no matter whether it is true or not. The point is that Chanel 2.55 makes the classic of classics; It is perfect for almost all occasion. It can go with almost all kinds of clothes. Chanel 2.55 handbags are thus deeply loved by women of all ages.

No.3 Burberry Dust Coat

No doubt Burberry dust coat represents elegance and the initial age, Burberry dust coats were created as substitutes for heavy uniforms worn by French and Britich soldiers at World War I. No one have expected that in the century followed, the Burberry dust coat become an iconic single item for fashionable females to show themselves. These females include Alexa Chung, Kate Moss ï¼OEKatie Holmes and many more.

The Burberry coat features double breasted design, loose belt, knee high, thick cotton and poplin and water-proof performance. Like the YSL tuxedo Le Smoking, Christopher Bailey, the Creative Director of Burberry, adds new design features to Burberry dust coat while keeping the traditional dust coat designs. He makes Burberry Dust Coat another timeless classic.

No.4 Lanvin Dress designed by Alber Elbaz

Every girl is keen to have a Alber Elbaz dress and fantasizes becoming a dancing little fairy girl in that dress at hand of Alber Elbaz.

Alber Elbaz, born in Morocco and grew up at Israel, now enjoys great reputation the fashion circles. But few know that his road to success was not that easy. When other boys stared at the troops and tanks, little Elbaz was dreaming that he would create beautiful dresses that made women enchanted one a adult, he became a doctor at the beginning. It was not until he suddenly woke up : "Why I give you pain killer to make you feel better? I should make you a red dress right now and bright you up both inside and outside." After twists and turns, talented Alber Elbaz got a foot hold at Lanvin finally.

Alber Elbaz first applied ornamentalism in dress design. He particularly loves using soft and precious cloth to show feminine particularities. His dresses are is every woman's darling. And that includes Nicole (as in Kidman), Kate (Moss), Chloé Sevigny, Sofia Coppola and a slew of rising movie names.

No.5 Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking

In 1966, the restless time when every girl worn mini skirts, Yves Saint Laurent created ladies tuxedo Le Smoking which was a hit in Fashion circle. The faithful fans of Le Smoking include Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minelli, Lauren Bacall and Bianca Jagger. Today, YSL successors continue to making all kinds of Improved Le Smoking. Look at your wardrobe and imagine where do your elegant dressed/suits come from.

No.6 Missoni Scarfs

What makes Missoni Scarf so special? -beautiful geometrical patterns and stripes, abstract flowers and multi-layer colors. Its exquisite colored knitting always makes an impact. In theory, the splendid scarf is a little picky about the wearer's figure and it is obviously not made for those shy people. Though Missoni scarf can not make all fashionable people get their wishes, it is always listed in the most trendiest single items.

No.7 Chanel sailor's striped shirt

Another masterpiece of Coco Chanel, inspired by French Navy. Chanel designed her own blue/white striped skirt and matched it with a pair of slacks after she saw French Navy. The story was so simple. She created another classic fashion item. Since then, sailor's striped shirt became a must-have item in every woman's matter how fashion trends changes, this shirt would always be with you in elegance.

No.8 Christian Louboutin Sexy High Heels

Remember those high heels in Sex and the City? The iconic red soles and ultra high heels really drive one crazy. It is said that teenage Christian Louboutin often skipped school and went to nightclubs in Paris. "I love those girls. They give me many inspirations. If you really love high heels, you must find an ultimate version. Sexy high heels really have amazing magic"- By Christian Louboutin

A pair of Christian Louboutin high heels starts your road to ultimate sexy charm

No.9 Chane Little Black Dress

In 1926, Coco Chanel released her little black dress(LBD).Chanel got a perfect timing. World War I brought storm-like changes to Europe. People's way of act and consumption concept under gone big changes. It created opportunied for LBD. Without decorative skirt bottom, knee-high LBD naturally show woman's elegant shape.

No.10 Dolce & Gabbana Little Black Dress

Dolce & Gabbana Little Black Dress is different from other little black dresses. Developing from Corset, it is the perfect fusion of sexy corset and simple yet elegant LBD, sending out a romantic feeling of Sicily Island. This unique style helps it find a foothold in the LBD wolrd dominated by Chanel and Givenchy. Sexy and elegant, Dolce&Gabbana LBD is one of the top choices for movies stars who always want to stand out on red carpet.