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The Extreme Makeover Made Easy

Your 20th high school reunion is fast approaching. You're unable to attend, but you still want to send the perfect photo of yourself - if only to make your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend jealous.

The trouble is, you don't think that you've been looking your best lately, and you have to get that photo out soon. It's too late for a crash diet, and an extreme makeover from the latest celebrity make-up artist is not likely to happen. What are you going to do?

In a snap, all of your imperfections will disappear. Remove or soften wrinkles, open eyes, change hair color and more. The corrected image will be placed into your online account and you receive a CD containing the corrected image along with two 5-by-7-inch photo prints.

Perhaps your makeover needs are not so extreme, and you would prefer to take matters into your own hands. You can correct your photo on your own by choosing from a variety of online edit functions. Just click "Fix Red-Eye" to conquer those bad lighting conditions, "Sharpen" for those blurry shots or give your photos a little more color with the "Brightness & Contrast" button.

You have the choice of either having your prints mailed to you at home or picking them up in-store at participating retailers such as CVS Pharmacy or Ritz Camera.