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Oc Wedding Photographer Offers Tips For Shooting Newborns

Newborns of course do not follow directions well. They don't wake up when you want them to and sleep when you want them. They are fragile and cry a lot. These traits can make shooting newborns a challenge. The following are some tips for overcoming these challenges and getting some great newborn portraits.

Make sure have all the baby specific equipment on hand. You need to have on hand warm baby wipes, rocking chair, cloth diapers, a vibrator, and warm hands. You need these items for the following:

1. Warm baby wipes will help keep the baby asleep during the shoot. The number one challenge to shooting newborn portraits is keeping them asleep. If they need to be cleaned up after having an "accident", you don't want to have to wipe them with cold wet wipes because it could foreclose any possibility that they will go back to sleep.

2. A rocking chair is needed so Mom can nurse the baby before the photo shoot begins. If the baby is well fed before the shoot it is more likely he will sleep for a long period of time. Also, it is less likely that the photo shoot will be interrupted by a hungry baby's need to nurse.

3. Cloth diapers are essential. While you are working on getting the baby to sleep you want them in the diaper. You don't want any unprotected accidents in your studio. However, most parents will bring their children in plastic diapers. Plastic diapers tend to leave red marks on the baby. When you take the diaper off to get a nude shot you will be shooting those red marks. It is possible to photo shoot these spots out but it is better to avoid having to do the extra work in the first place.

4. A vibrator will help a baby sleep for a longer period of time. There are little chairs on the market for babies which vibrate. A photographer can purchase one of those chairs and take out the vibrator. This vibrator can go under blankets in any set the photographer wishes to use to aid the baby in sleeping.

5. Warm hands will help the baby feel warm and secure. Make sure you hands are warm. You don't want to do anything which might wake the baby up when you want it to sleep or cry when you need it to be cute. Cold hands will both wake the baby and make it cry.

Shooting newborn portraits can be a challenge. Follow these suggestions and you will find your sessions going more smoothly.