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How to Niche Yourself Solid and Choose One That's Right for You

This alone is one of the greatest stumbling blocks for those who are new to business, especially all those who are entering a crowded field with other established coaches, consultants, healers and service professionals. Of course there are some who know exactly who they want to work with, what their specialization is and how to market to their prospects--but often times the new business owner is still discovering this very important aspect of having a profitable and thriving business.

Why is it so important to establish a niche? Having a niche (a specialization) will help you establish your expert status, attract more of the right people you want to work with and allow you to charge rates that reflect your expertise. When you become specialized you will be more in demand which then allows you to charge rates you know you're worth. By not choosing a niche it's preventing you from moving forward in your business and getting out into the world to market yourself to potential clients. The more general you are the less specific your marketing message is. Once you establish yourself you can then put a stake in the ground to claim it as your own.

Consider this, let's just say you're a Life or Health Coach and you've attended a program, received a certification and are now using the exact same business model as everyone else that studied before or with you. What will make you different from everyone else in the crowd? One way is by having a very specific niche.

But here's the issue, many new solo business owners either don't know how to create a niche or are afraid of becoming specialized for fear that there won't be enough people or customers to work with. My answer to that is you will grow your business faster and be happier while doing it when you claim your specialization.

Here's how to get started with establishing the niche that's right for you:

1. Ask 3 Questions: Who, What and Why

I'll take myself for example. When I attended my first certification program in Health Coaching we were encouraged to choose a niche and then use the model from the program we attended as our baseline for our own businesses. The problem with that was that many of us were generalists who were using the exact same business model. How could we stand out if we looked like clones of one another?

I went "rogue!" I recognized that in order to be different I needed to establish a niche and develop a business model that worked around my life. To make a long story short I was able to separate myself from my competition by asking a series of very deep questions that ultimately lead me to where I am today. Not only did I ask and then research but I wasn't afraid to do what it takes to re-brand myself so that I could do work I was meant to do which rapidly moved me in the direction of becoming an expert in my field and attracting my ideal clients.

Here are some questions I recommend you ask yourself:

• Who do I like working with and can see myself talking to all day long?

• What do I have experience in within the field I want to specialize in?

• Why would someone need help solving what I know?

2. Sometimes It's Right In Front of You and You Don't See It

One of my clients was struggling for months trying to attract clients. She had a niche, or thought she did but something felt like it was missing and there was a problem--no clients. She was trying too hard to make her niche work. After some discovery work we soon realized that her niche was in front of her all along and it was so visible and clear yet she had taken it for granted, in fact she was giving her knowledge away never considering that she should be paid for it. As soon as she recognized her niche her Twitter list began to grow, her writing was clear and her sales pages were speaking to the people who needed the solution that she had and within no time people wanted to pay her for the services she offered.


If you're struggling with developing your niche then take some time to answer all of the above questions. Then ask a few of people you know if they were looking for advice from you what would they be looking for. Lastly, ask yourself what do people constantly ask you questions about that you could talk about all day long? The sooner you do this the sooner you'll discover a faster path to success as an expert and more money in your pocket!

How have you stepped out to differentiate yourself from your competitors?