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Dallas Cowboys Open New Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys opened "Cowboy Stadium" tonight on FOX Sports with their second preseason game. During pre-game warmup the Tennessee Titan's punter hit the new trinatron replay screen four straight times while practicing punts. Finally, Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones came out to mid-field and with a smile asked him to lay off his new toy.

The game started slowly with both teams doing the 3 and out on the first series of downs. Cowboy quarterback,Tony Romo, then took the Cowboys on an 80 yard march that ended in a trivial pursuit event. The question many years from now will be who was the first player to score an NFL touchdown at Cowboy Stadium. The answer is now etched in stone as the Cowboy fans celebrated running back Marion Barber's score.

Tennessee Titan's had a very impressive drive during the two minute warning that resulted in a go ahead touchdown. Tennessee's lead did not last for long, though. Second year Cowboy running back Felix Jones took a Tony Romo swing pass that went for 40 yards, down to the the Titan's 20 yard line. Several plays later Felix Jones gave the lead back to the Cowboys as he ran in from the 3 yard line. The half ended with the Cowboys ahead 14 to 10.

Pre-season games are like going on a bad first date. The anticipation is there before you pick the girl up and you are hoping for the best and then the starters leave the game and the date goes to hell in a hand basket. Who really cares who wins this game, it's pre-season.

I've had my fun and now it's on to the food channel for Iron Chef America. Can't wait for the real football season to start.

Go Cowboys!