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The Coach Foundation was established in 2008 to support organizations that empower and educate women and children around the world.According to the foundation’s website via, the program has two areas of focus:"Coach's Women's Initiative explores the best opportunities to help women fully realize their potential by supporting programs that encourage personal and economic empowerment.

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Burberry Watches Stand Out Above Others

Considered one of the most popular luxury brands, Burberry watches are the symbol of vintage and elegance. Since the first launch, they are highly sought after by the global people. Even in the following years, they will be still in vogue.This famous ..........Read full article

Keep Your Core Tight?

You hear it over and over again from both Tony Horton and Shaun T. Keep your core tight, but what does that really mean?Let's face it when you first start out doing the exercises you are trying to learn the moves, trying to do them with intensity, tr ..........Read full article

Nike Air Max Turnaround Basketball Shoe Review

If you're looking for a light basketball shoe then the Nike Air Max turnaround might just be the one you're looking for. With it weighing only 13 ounces it's one of the lightest basketball shoes in the top of the range choices. This can come heavily ..........Read full article

Beautiful Burberry Designer Handbags

It would probably be fair to say that there are very few top fashion designers who acquired there start making military uniforms. But this is exactly how Burberry got there start. Eventually they went from making military uniforms to making a selecti ..........Read full article

Running to Stand Still With Erick Haskell, COO of Greater China

Dynamic, diverse, and driven are a few words that come to mind when attempting to describe Erick Haskell, COO of Greater China for the Adidas Group. But, truth is, even these bold adjectives do not do justice nor come close to painting the collective ..........Read full article

Top 10 Timeless Classic Fashion Items-Must-Have For Every Woman

Do you have some accessories that never go out of style in you wardrobe? If you want to shape yourself a stylista, you must invest on those high-quality timeless classic items. Do not following blindly any more! This article is going to unveil top 10 ..........Read full article

Python Is All the Rage and Michael Kors Watches Follows Suit

Michael Kors watches for 2011 includes the popular python pattern taken directly from the runway and interpreted for the wrist in a fun new watch. Bring a little jungle into your wardrobe with this striking design keeping with the trends of the seaso ..........Read full article

Dallas Cowboys Open New Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys opened "Cowboy Stadium" tonight on FOX Sports with their second preseason game. During pre-game warmup the Tennessee Titan's punter hit the new trinatron replay screen four straight times while practicing punts. Finally, Dallas Cow ..........Read full article

Why Do People Like Wonderful Van Shoes?

Van shoes are famous everywhere. Huge people crazily like these waders and love to have them. Do you know why people like these boots so much? Which facts make out the significance of these shoes among other kinds of boots? Well, there are a few fact ..........Read full article

LASIK Surgery Without the Use of a Blade!

Although LASIK is an elective procedure, a person should not have to elect whether or not to have good vision. It is important that patients have safe and advanced technologies to help them see well. That is why Bladeless LASIK using the IntraLase la ..........Read full article