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The Coach Foundation was established in 2008 to support organizations that empower and educate women and children around the world.According to the foundation’s website via, the program has two areas of focus:"Coach's Women's Initiative explores the best opportunities to help women fully realize their potential by supporting programs that encourage personal and economic empowerment.

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The Extreme Makeover Made Easy

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The Many Different Types Of Interference: Knowing Is Half The B

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Interesting Concerns About Nike Air Jordan!

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Top 10 Timeless Classic Fashion Items-Must-Have For Every Woman

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Oc Wedding Photographer Offers Tips For Shooting Newborns

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Motorcycle Accessories For Protection

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Fashion And Style With the Great Shoes of the Birkenstock Gizeh

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Watch Push Movie Online - For Real And Legal?

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Everyone Loves UGG Classic Tall Boots

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Legendary Bags - Last Forever

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